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There are places on this planet where anyone with sensibilities should not bother going. Those include: the baddest part of town, Disney World without two credit cards and to your nearest Popeye’s restaurant expecting “fast” food. And yet Doc Rivers, coach of the LA Clippers and among the league’s more perceptive people, went to a certain forbidden place anyway.

He compared someone besides LeBron James to Michael Jordan Jersey. In this case, it was Kawhi Leonard.

Doc compares Kawhi and Jordan. (Because he can, and was asked.) pic.twitter.com/WxeGQ4Sbyt

— Mirjam Swanson (@MirjamSwanson) November 4, 2019
Last May, Rivers raved about Kawhi (who was then with the Raptors), saying he’s “the most like Jordan we’ve ever seen.” For that lapse into basketball blasphemy, Rivers was socked with some of the harshest punishment ever. No, not the $50,000 fine levied by the NBA for tampering charges — Kawhi was a looming free agent at the time and the Clippers had oodles of salary cap space — but laughter from certain corners in the basketball world.

“Kawhi is the most like Jordan we’ve seen.”

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Doc Rivers has some high praise for Kawhi Leonard. pic.twitter.com/i1R2gR1VrT

— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) May 29, 2019
Rivers chose to clarify the other day by saying he was merely comparing their physical resemblance and that everyone else misinterpreted the whole thing. There are other similarities, though, such as Kawhi’s refreshing insistence on employing the post-up game and embracing the mid-range jumper when analytics strongly advise players to abandon both.

The immortality of Michael Jeffrey Jordan is unrivaled in the sports world. All you need to do is take one look at the success of Nike’s Jordan Brand, or even MJ’s $1.9 billion net worth, to realize how impactful this icon still is today.

Even if you weren’t a huge basketball fan in Jordan’s prime, everybody still remembers Jordan’s iconic sports commercials over the years.

Michael Jordan Commercials

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There were plenty to chose from. From comparing Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers prior to NBC’s Sunday Night Football to his numerous Hanes advertisements, Jordan is still as relevant today as he was as a player. There are tons, but here are some of my favorites that I can watch over and over again.

Be Like Mike

Is there really a better example of MJ’s legacy than Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” commercial? Growing up in the 1990s, every basketball player wanted to be like Mike. But creating a super catchy jingle and showing MJ shooting hoops with regular kids on the playground? Absolute genius.

One listen to this, and you’ll be humming the all-time classic tune all week long.

“There is no body types more like Michael Jordan’s than Kawhi because I said his hands and his length,” Rivers said. “That (controversy) took a whole life.”

That settles it. But to stay on topic for a moment: For Kawhi to even be in the conversation with Jordan and other legends depends on whether Kawhi earns the ultimate honor that’s annually bestowed on the game’s greatest player. Doesn’t Leonard need a Kia MVP award — Jordan has five — to be classified as a generational talent?

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Kawhi Leonard ran wild on the Spurs on Halloween night.
It’s the only pat on the back elusive to Leonard, who has yet to raise that trophy, shed tears and give thanks to those who paved the way (which is the standard reaction and scenario on NBA Awards night). Yes, this is the gift the basketball gods can give to the player who has almost everything else, provided, of course, Kawhi actually earns it with a spectacular regular season.

A reasonable debate says the Bill Russell Trophy, better known as the NBA Finals MVP, is the real MVP (with all due respect to Kevin Durant’s mom). That’s because the Finals MVP — other than Jerry West in 1969 — takes home that and the NBA championship trophy. Kawhi has not one, but two Finals MVPs … and with different teams, making it all the more impressive. Should he win another with the Clippers, he’d become the first player to pull off three with three.

There’s almost no debate that, from April until now, Kawhi has dibs on the best player in the NBA. He went scorched earth through the playoffs last spring, then erased Golden State on the Warriors’ own floor in The Finals. Already this season, he’s averaging 29.3 points, 7.3 rebounds, 5.7 assists and 2.3 steals per game.

But it comes as a major disappointment — there’s no other way to classify it, really — that Kawhi is skipping Wednesday’s game against the reigning MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, because of the scourge known as load management. The Clippers host the Blazers on Thursday and for the second time this season, Kawhi will not play the first game of a back-to-back.

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In the Clippers’ last game, Kawhi Leonard powered them to a comeback win.
Fairly or not, the MVP award is far-reaching and richly defining to one’s legacy. To place it into context, while Kawhi won a dramatic duel against Giannis in the 2019 playoffs, the MVP score is Giannis 1, Kawhi 0.

In the 2019-20 NBA.com GM Survey, Giannis received 52% of the vote for MVP (to Leonard’s 10%). While there were perhaps some circumstances that swayed some of that vote — Kawhi will eventually partner with Paul George, who will unburden his co-star with the load when he gets healthy while Giannis is a singular star with the Bucks — the perception that Giannis is the better force and all-around talent is commonly held.

Speaking of MVP circumstances, Kawhi hasn’t had many on his side during his career to date. He was late developing into a star, he played seven of his first eight seasons in a Spurs system that emphasizes team play, and until very lately lacked the offensive pop necessary for serious MVP consideration. Last season, he finished ninth in MVP voting.

His postseason body of work is superior to his regular seasons, and again, there’s no shame in that. Had he made both free throws with 19 seconds left in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, he’d have three championships and possibly three Finals MVPs because his defense on LeBron James in that series was stellar. Instead, he missed the first free throw, and then Ray Allen hit his famous shot.

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When Paul George returns to the Clippers’ lineup, will it hurt Kawhi Leonard’s Kia MVP case?
This season is Kawhi’s best chance to win the “lesser” MVP award. For starters, he’s at his absolute peak as a player. His body is strong and healthy. His ability to score, especially off the dribble, is almost unmatched right now in the league. His defense remains elite as Kawhi is adept once again at stripping his man clean of the ball in the open floor and providing help on the perimeter and in the paint. Finally, his overall numbers, so far, are superior across the board.

It also doesn’t hurt that, for the first time, Kawhi plays in a large market. The Clippers, by virtue of their status as title favorites, will get maximum glare all season. Should they finish at or near the top in the prickly Western Conference, it would be more impressive than Giannis elevating the Bucks to the top in the East.

Kawhi’s three main drawbacks in his MVP quest are as follows:

1. George will command a portion of the offense from Kawhi and impact things once he returns. Remember: George finished third in MVP voting last season. Kawhi’s scoring average could take a hit. Voters are a strange bunch as they often “penalize” an MVP candidate who must share the load, although that never stopped Jordan (Scottie Pippen) or LeBron (Dwyane Wade) from winning MVPs in the past.

2. With load management all the rage, it’s possible Kawhi may miss a dozen games or more. Counting the Bucks game, he has already missed two of the Clippers’ first eight games for rest reasons. This comes after a preseason in which he played limited minutes. The Clippers are all about the championship this season and if that means being overly cautious with Kawhi, so be it. Plus, managing his minutes paid off for the Raptors last spring.

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3. The MVP competition is spicy. Besides Giannis, there’s LeBron, Anthony Davis, James Harden and Joel Embiid, among others, in the mix. All are off to solid starts and could have their teams in the 50-or 60-win range.

At 28, Leonard has multiple chances left to get his first MVP. He just needs to convince the basketball community that he is, indeed, the best player in the NBA. Up until this point, that hasn’t been the case, mainly because of LeBron, Kevin Durant and now, Antetokounmpo. With a push from his 2019 Finals run, along with a hot start this season, Kawhi owns pole position on the award for the first time in his career.

He’s also following the right blueprint by copying a six-time winner. If you can’t be Jordan, it makes sense to play a similar game and come as close as possible.

“He’s one of the guys that everyone looks up to from a competitive standpoint and how he approached every game,” Leonard said. “You try to nitpick what you can take from him and take it into yourself.”

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The Vegas total for the Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers matchup on Thursday Night Football is currently hovering between 41 and 42, depending on where you’re looking.

That means this game probably won’t exactly mirror the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State shootout that ended with Sooners walking away winners of a 62-52 shootout in November 2017, the last time Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma) and Mason Rudolph (Oklahoma State) went head-to-head in a game. Together, they combined for more than 1,000 yards of offense and accounted for 11 of the game’s touchdowns.

“The last one I played with him in college was a good one, an exciting one,” Mayfield told reporters this week.”But I think it’s all a little bit different now.”

In three starts against Oklahoma State, Mayfield went 3-0. He and Rudolph will square off once again, this time in the heat of an AFC North rivalry rather than a Bedlam battle. Certainly, there will be more defense this time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive the offensive glory from Nov. 4, 2017.

That night in Stillwater, Mayfield’s performance put him on the fast track to take home the Heisman Trophy, which he hoisted in New York a month later. He completed 24-of-36 passes for 598 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions, while adding a score on the ground. Rudolph wasn’t as efficient (28-for-54 for 448 yards), yet matched Mayfield with five touchdowns and a pair of picks.

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Baker Mayfield celebrates on the field after Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State, 62-52, in 2017.
The breakneck pace of the contest led to a prolific first half of scoring, as the Cowboys and Sooners entered halftime tied at 38. Oklahoma pulled away in the second half to emerge victorious and continue its drive to the College Football Playoff.

It also marked Mayfield’s third straight win over a rival. In 2016, Mayfield had three touchdowns in a 38-20 win, while Rudolph threw for 186 yards and rushed for a touchdown. The previous year, in a 58-23 throttling by the Sooners, Mayfield was 17-for-25 with three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing) and 180 yards. Rudolph came off the bench in that game and all three of his attempts fell incomplete.

“You want to win every game you can. And do your rival games hurt more when you lose? For sure,” Rudolph said. “You wouldn’t be human if you said otherwise.”

Upon the conclusion of their college careers, the paths of Mayfield and Rudolph diverged. Cleveland took Mayfield with the top overall pick that April, and Rudolph headed to Pittsburgh as a third-rounder 75 picks later.

Mayfield took over as the Browns starter early last season and won Rookie of the Year, while Rudolph held a clipboard until Ben Roethlisberger suffered a season-ending elbow injury in Week 2. He’s been Pittsburgh’s starter since, save for the one game he missed with a concussion.

“I have been around Mason for a while just in college playing him, in-state rivalry,” Mayfield said. “Mason is a great guy. He is playing well, taking care of the ball, putting them in a good position to win.

“I think it is interesting, especially because now it is division rivals, as well, not just from college, so I am looking forward to it.”

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Wide receiver Antonio Brown’s meeting Thursday with the NFL to address sexual assault allegations against him lasted about eight hours, and there could be follow-ups before a decision is made about his future, a source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

The meeting took place in Florida. Brown has denied the allegations.

The NFL had three representatives at the interview, which was led by Lisa Friel, the source said. Friel is the NFL’s senior vice president/special counsel for investigations.

The source said Brown felt it went well and that he was responsive to the NFL’s questions.


Sources: AB not expected to return this season

AB backtracks after rant, ‘determined’ to play
Sources had told ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that, barring a significant turn of events, Brown is not expected to play again this season.

Brown, 31, is being investigated by the NFL under its personal conduct policy following a lawsuit filed by his former trainer, Britney Taylor, that alleges she was sexually assaulted by Brown on multiple occasions. Brown also was accused of sexual misconduct at his home by an artist who was working there in 2017.

He has officially been served lawsuit papers from Taylor, sources told ESPN, and has hired attorney Camille Blanton to handle the case.

Brown has played in only one game this season — Week 2 against the Miami Dolphins. He was released by the Oakland Raiders before the season and by the New England Patriots before Week 3, after it was made known that he sent text messages to the artist who accused him of misconduct.

He has filed eight grievances against the Raiders and Patriots, a source told ESPN’s Dan Graziano. Brown is seeking $39.775 million in lost salary, bonuses and guaranteed money.