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Damian Lillard now has his sixth edition of his signature Adidas shoe line hitting stores. Here’s the perfect Christmas present for a Portland Trail Blazers fanatic.
Following the Black Friday craze, Adidas has released Damian Lillard‘s newest signature shoe to the public, making it a fantastic gift idea for any Portland Trail Blazers super fan.

The Dame 6 will feature multiple editions and colorways, including the ‘Ruthless”, the unique pastel red and lime green pair he wore during Monday’s statement victory over the Chicago Bulls. Unlike most signature basketball shoes, the Dame 6 ‘Ruthless’ comes in at a relatively reasonable price tag of $110.

Here’s a look at the new line of shoes, and Lillard himself to explain what inspired him to design different versions of the Dame 6.

B/R Kicks

Unboxed with @Dame_Lillard and the Adidas Dame 6. Dame talks about the inspiration behind his latest signature shoe, which releases November 29.

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1:12 AM – Nov 28, 2019
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“In the past, a lot of my colorways was more simple, because it was like, mirroring my personality, and nothing about me is really loud… I think [I chose] ‘Ruthless’ because my approach is that way. You know, who — my mentality is that way. Like, as a basketball player, I think that’s what my personality is on the floor. Just ruthless.” — Lillard
In the above unboxing video with Bleacher Report Kicks, Lillard also teased the ‘Hecklers’ edition of the Dame 6. This colorway comes with a wider selection and palette of colors. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a while for those, because Adidas won’t be dropping that particular edition until January 18.

The story behind those kicks may make it worth the wait however, as Dame sends an emphatic message to a heckler in the stands who needed to be taught a lesson the best way Lillard knew how.

The Heckler was influenced by the game in Orlando where it was a slow first half for me. You know, it was just a fan behind their bench, and he just wouldn’t shut up… I scored at the first-half buzzer, and I was walking off the court, and he was still talking. And I was just like — we kinda had a back and forth, and I was like, “Watch what’s about to happen.” And then the whole second half, they just couldn’t stop me. And I just kept looking over to him, like, uh, “I can’t hear you. What you got to say now?” And you know, he was just — he had this stupid look on his face. — Lillard
These will serve as a hilarious reminder to all of Dame’s critics moving forward, as he continues to pull the Trail Blazers back to the promised land.

What do you think? Will you be copping the ‘Ruthless’, or will you wait for the ‘Hecklers’ edition to drop? Either way, you can’t go wrong by rocking a pair of Dame’s, as he continues to make some of the most unique and best looking sneakers in basketball.

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