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The Baltimore Ravens are having a lot of fun this season as they’re cruising to a sure playoff spot. However, their year only gets better as legendary linebacker Ray Lewis was named to the NFL 100 All-Time Team.

The NFL Network named the automatic inclusions to the defense in the linebacker position, and the Baltimore Ravens legend is one of those additions. They had him come onto the show and talk about his legacy as a defender.

NFL Network

“Ray, you were one of the most complete players to ever play the game.” -Bill [email protected] could do it all at the MLB position, and that earned him a spot on the #NFL100 All-Time Team

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9:02 AM – Nov 30, 2019
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Lewis spent 17 seasons in the league, all of them were with the Ravens. He was a key man for the Ravens defense, and his effort helped the team win two Super Bowls during his stint there. He was a monster on defense, notching 2055 tackles, 31 interceptions, 20 fumble recoveries, and 41.5 sacks. He was a major thorn on the Patriots, always getting up close and personal with Tom Brady.

He was also a key figure in the locker room. He rallied the defense and helped them become one of the most dangerous outfits to face in the gridiron. His leadership helped establish Ravens football through the turn of the century.

Like every Ravens fan, he’s excited about Lamar Jackson’s emergence as a quarterback. He’s so impressed that he even joked about suiting up again and playing for Baltimore one more time.

“I told Steve [Bisciotti] the other night in the box, ‘You know, I still got two quarters in me. I can come play with [Lamar Jackson],’” Lewis said, via NBC Sports’ Mike DePrisco. “If you all are holding the ball for seven minutes on a drive, and then nine minutes on a drive, I’m like ‘Man, I’ve never had that in my career.’”

Ravens fans can only imagine a dream situation like that. However, they are definitely happy that Lewis is recognized as one of the game’s best.

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