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After losing to the Ravens last week, the Patriots will not carry an undefeated record going into the bye week.

And for Tom Brady, that’s fine.

“It hasn’t all been perfect, but 8-1, I don’t think anyone’s going to complain about that,” Brady told Scott Zolak when asked about the current state of the Patriots on Friday’s episode of “Patriots All Access.”

As we’ve all come to expect from the Patriots, what happens in the first two months of the season doesn’t matter that much. It’s all about how the team closes the season and whether they end it receiving the Vince Lombardi Trophy from Roger Goodell.

Tom Brady Jersey

Brady echoed that sentiment to Zolak.

“I think our entire season is determined by what happens from this point on,” Brady said. “We’ve had our ups and downs; certainly our defense has been playing great, and offensively, I hope we can get some continuity and grow and learn. Become the version that we’d all expect ourselves to become.”

Building continuity is certainly a major point of emphasis for the Patriots offense in the second half of the season.

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New England has had a revolving door at wide receiver this season. Following the departures of Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas, and Josh Gordon, it’s now up to new Patriots wide receiver Mohamed Sanu and 2019 first-round draft pick N’Keal Harry to step up and fill the void.

Even with the constant change at the wide receiver position, Brady said the Patriots are ready to play their best football.

“We’re ready to attack the second half of the year and play our best football,” Brady said. “This is our chance, this is our opportunity. We put ourselves in a good position, but everything is ahead of us. It’s our choice — what are we going to be?”

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When the Patriots resume play next week against the Philadelphia Eagles, it will be their first of five games remaining in the season against teams who currently have winning records.

This week’s edition of Fast Connections examines veteran quarterbacks and a receiver that makes their respective offenses go.

Tom Brady to Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

With the Patriots defense taking up most of the oxygen in New England this season, Julian Edelman’s steady play can go mostly unnoticed. He remains Tom Brady’s most trusted wideout, but unlike in past seasons, Edelman has no true peer within the Patriots’ receiving corps. He leads the team in every major receiving metric with 63 receptions on 90 targets for 663 yards and four scores. Other than touchdown receptions, he has at least 50 percent more than the No. 2 player in each category.

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Though the Patriots’ passing game lags behind its predecessors, the connection of Brady and Edelman provides a safety net that few other teams possess. Though Edelman lacks the elite physical traits of many lead receivers and Brady has lost some of the zip on his passes with age, the two have an intuitive sense for how to run plays and adjust on the fly.

Next Gen Stats says …

Whereas other wideouts including in this week’s edition of Fast Connections create yards after the catch largely via their speed and how their offenses use them, Edelman does so by creating separation from defenders before the ball arrives and maneuvering around defenders after the catch. His YAC success rate comes in at 37.1 percent, highest among New England’s wide receivers with at least 10 targets.

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Matthew Stafford to Kenny Golladay, Detroit Lions

While the Lions liked Kenny Golladay enough to draft him in the third round, even they could not have expected the former Northern Illinois wideout would eventually become the consistent big-play threat he has proven to be. Golladay leads the NFL in touchdowns while averaging more than 18 yards per reception, the rare combination of scoring dominance and efficiency.

Golladay’s development, along with a change of offensive coordinator and scheme, have helped Matthew Stafford produce the best season of his career. Stafford currently throws a touchdown on 6.5 percent of his pass attempts and averages 8.6 yards per attempt, both his best marks in their respective categories since becoming the Lions’ starting quarterback.

Next Gen Stats says …

Unsurprisingly, Golladay leads Lions receivers with at least 10 targets in air yards per target with 17.0. But the Lions don’t just throw deep balls to the third-year wideout. Golladay also leads the team with 13 targets in the end zone, among the highest totals in the NFL this season.

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Russell Wilson to D.K. Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks

Though Tyler Lockett ranks as the No. 1 receiver in Seattle, rookie D.K. Metcalf has provided Russell Wilson with the high-volume deep threat he hasn’t truly had since the days of Paul Richardson. Metcalf’s size and vertical speed make him unique even among the superhumans of the NFL, and the Seahawks have deployed him in accordance with his strengths as a receiver.

Though far from the only reason Wilson looks like an MVP front-runner, Metcalf has stepped into one of the biggest roles of any rookie wideout this season. He ranks second on the team in targets (54), receptions (29), receiving yards (525) and touchdown catches (five). For a player many teams passed over due to concerns about NFL readiness, Metcalf has made an immediate impact and still has room to develop further.

Next Gen Stats says …

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Similar to how the Lions deploy Golladay, the Seahawks throw to Metcalf deep and when they reach the end zone. The rookie averages 14.2 air yards per target, the highest mark on the team. Metcalf also has totaled 13 end-zone targets so far, the most in Seattle.

“Sounds like five playoff games to me,” Brady said of this part of the schedule.

With several new players on board, this stretch could be a strong indicator as to how the Patriots would play in the playoffs. This is obviously not Brady’s first go-around in trying to win a Super Bowl, and he said it’s up to him, the other veterans, and the coaching staff to get all the new players on board ready for the toughest part of the season.

“There are a lot of guys who are new to the team and you try to get them to understand what level it takes on a weekly basis, not just in practices but in games as well, to continue to improve and make the strides you need to make,” Brady said. “As the season goes it just gets tougher, and you have to improve as you go deeper and play better teams and the games mean more.”

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No player relies on luck less than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady works as hard as almost any player in league history, and he has the results to prove it even this season. If there was anyone in the league who wouldn’t believe in superstitions, it would be Brady.

But he actually does have one, and it’s rather strange. Let’s take a closer look at the one weird superstition Brady’s had since college.

Tom Brady’s college career

Tom Brady Jersey Michigan
Before he was “Tom Terrific,” Brady was a slightly above average quarterback for the University of Michigan. Below are his career stats as a Wolverine:

395 completions on 638 pass attempts
61.9 completion percentage
4,773 yards passing
30 touchdowns
17 interceptions
Brady didn’t see significant action until his junior and senior seasons, in which he played 12 and 11 games respectively. Famously, the New England Patriots selected Brady with the 199th overall pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

Tom Brady Jersey New England Patriots

The rest, of course, is history. Since becoming the Patriots’ starting quarterback after an injury to incumbent Drew Bledsoe, Brady has won six Super Bowls and three Most Valuable Player Awards. He’s been selected to the Pro Bowl 14 times and is a three-time All-Pro.

If you ask Brady, he probably attributes his success to hard work, superior athleticism, and a relentless desire to win. But he has one superstition he’s performed since college that may, in his mind, having something to do with his success.

Tom Brady’s weird superstition from college

Tom Brady Jersey Super Bowl

It’s been nearly three decades since Tom Brady played at Michigan. You’d think he’d have gone through countless pieces of equipment since then, and he probably has. But one constant that’s remained has been his shoulder pads. Brady’s worn the same pair since 1995.

The shoulder pads were first issued to him during his freshman year in 1995, and Brady was well into his third season wearing the “Douglas 25Ls” when cornerback Joejuan Williams, the Patriots’ second-round pick out of Vanderbilt this year, was born in December 1997.

The reason for the long-term marriage is simple.

“Once you find something you like, you stick with it,” Brady said.

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It’s a bit of a head-scratcher to think Brady’s worn the same pair since his college days, but it’s impossible to argue that it works for him. Brady’s in the final years of a Hall of Fame career.

How the Patriots look for the rest of the 2019 season
While Tom Brady hasn’t looked quite as sharp as he has in the past, the Patriots are 6-0 through week six. Despite the Bills having one of the league’s best defenses, it’s clear who the front runner is in the AFC East.

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets both look terrible as one team tanks and the other tries to recover from missing their quarterback earlier this season. Like a broken record, the Patriots will be AFC East champions yet again.

Tom Brady Jersey Throwback

The real question for the Patriots and Brady? Can the 41-year-old quarterback stay healthy enough to make it through yet another season? He’s been incredibly durable in his career, but at his age one well-timed hit could leave him out for weeks.

If Brady can stay in, it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs will again be one of the top contenders to dethrone the Pats in the AFC. Brady won the AFC championship game at Arrowhead last year, but surely he’d hope to play the game at Foxboro this time around.

No matter how the Patriots do this season, one thing is for sure: Brady will be wearing the same shoulder pads throughout all of it.

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And if you’re wondering about the 42-year-old’s health going into the toughest part of the season, you don’t need to worry about that right now.

Tom Brady Jersey Retro

“I’m doing great, I feel really good, as good as you can this time of the year,” Brady said when he was asked on how he is feeling. “You get hit a little bit, here and there, little bumps and bruises. But it’s hard to keep me out. I love being in there with my guys, so I’m going to try and hang in there for as long as I can.”

You can watch part one of Brady’s interview with Zolak here. Part two will air next Friday, Nov. 15, on “Patriots All Access.”

Despite them being 8-1 and fielding one of the best scoring offenses in all of football, the New England Patriots’ passing game has had its fair share of miscues so far this season — from the wide receiver carousel’s continuous spin, to an offensive line that has lacked consistency, to a quarterback that has not yet found his trademark rhythm. That being said, not all was per se negative about the Patriots’ aerial attack.

Tom Brady is still among the best quarterbacks in the NFL, after all. Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman is as good as ever. The unit has incorporated trade acquisition Mohamed Sanu well, and will get two major contributors back in the upcoming weeks in the form of first-round rookie N’Keal Harry and starting left tackle Isaiah Wynn. Also, the team’s deep passing game has been among the most efficient in the league this season.

Wait, what? You read that correctly, the Patriots’ deep passing game has worked relatively well nine games into the 2019 season and with a quarterback at the helm who has been among the most accurate deep-ball passers in all of football. Tom Brady and the Patriots are not exactly known for attacking teams vertically — except when one Randy Moss, circa 2007, is involved — but when they do they have had some solid success this season.

All in all, Brady’s stat-line on passes targeting areas 20+ yards down the field are as follows (numbers via Pro Football Focus):

Tom Brady deep passing statistics
Total attempts Deep attempts Deep completions Completion % Adjusted completion % Yards Touchdowns Interceptions Passer rating
355 37 18 48.6 51.4 534 5 3 100.5
Pro Football Focus
As can be seen, he is not exactly going deep often — only 10.4% of his passing attempts are of the 20+ yard variety — but when he does, he is hitting his targets on a rate of 51.4% (the difference to “normal” completion percentage is due to the inclusion of drops by the targeted receivers). This number ranks Brady as the sixth best in the NFL, ahead of quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers (51.1%) and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes (48.7%).

While his touchdown-to-interception ratio is comparatively mediocre, Brady is still ranking 12th out of 33 qualifying passers in terms of passer rating. He is also 10th in both deep-ball yardage and touchdown passes. In short: he is having a strong season going deep, despite being 42 years old. In fact, he is more accurate this year than he was back in 2018 when he hit his deep targets with an adjusted accuracy of “only” 42.9%.

With Harry and Wynn soon returning to the lineup and with Mohamed Sanu getting a bigger role, it will be interesting how Brady’s deep passing game develops throughout the rest of the season. With the exception of the three interceptions he has thrown, after all, the early portions of the season have already been encouraging.

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